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Have a safe cyber festive season

The 30th November every year since 1988 is "National Computer Security Day" ( - it is a reminder of a dangers in our digital world.All our minds this year have been on Coronavirus…

What Chrome’s Incognito changes mean to the metered paywall vs. freemium debate

For years now, media companies using metered paywalls have played a cat-and-mouse game with the users of their sites. Today (July 30), the latest round of that game promises to get more difficult. For a certain segment of visitors to metered…

AV-Comparatives Mac Security Test & Review 2018

Introduction It is an often-heard view that macOS computers don’t need antivirus protection. Whilst it is certainly true that the population of macOS malware is tiny compared to that for Windows and Android, there have been instances of macOS malware getting…

What is Email Phishing?

Phishing is when a 3rd party, typically a hacker or malicious website, uses the brand identity of a company to lull a user into exposing private information. There are two types of email phishing:Phishing emails that come to you …