Apple reported sales of over 2 million Internet ready iPhones in just a few days, with Android mobiles outselling iPhones giving millions of your customers immediate access, on their mobiles, to you and your competitors websites, anywhere, anytime, any place at their fingertips.

Review of Analytics for our existing client’s websites indicates a dramatic increase in the number of customers accessing their websites using mobile devices.

Mobile web surfers are impatient, if they do not see a concise, legible, easy to navigate mobile friendly website they can use on their touch-enabled mobile, then you will not catch their attention and you will start to see your market share shift to companies who have embraced mobile website technology.

Designing websites for mobile devices requires certain limitations on such things as meta tag titles, descriptions and requires revised content to ensure your message is delivered in a succinct and easy to read format in the limited screen space.

There is a lot of debate about mobile versus responsive design – more about this here.

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