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To ensure the success of your project Team Discovery focus on understanding your goals to guide us in developing the most original, functional and cost effective solutions. Our approach to your project is as follows:-

1. Introduction (Strategy)

Working in partnership with you we define the primary parameters of the project, identifying your target audience tailoring the solution to your specific industry.

2. Research (Innovation)

By gathering all available data from you and using the many research resources available to us, our team familiarise themselves with your company’s products, range of services and your competition, including potential technological difficulties and limitations.

3. Concept Development (Layout)

In this phase, we design an abstract model of the site which includes:

Look and Feel
Content Architecture
We implement and present the abstract design ideas to you for review and feedback.

4. Production (Implementation)

After sign off on our design concept, we initialise full development of your site.  Graphic design and implementation of major functional elements such as databases and search engines takes place during this phase.

5. Testing / Quality Assurance (Consolidation)

We test the web site on all platforms and common browsers and if necessary, make minor changes.

6. Launch / Delivery (Observe)

We put your website into operation and after rigorous testing, your site goes live.

7. After Launch (Next Phase)

We don’t stop here, after the web site is fully functional, we provide complete support to you including improvements with the latest updates.  Custom service plans are available to provide various levels of support.

Each of these steps can be guided by a formal project management methodology, marketing planning or web site rejuvenation services.

Call us on today 020 8123 4985 or use the CONTACT US for help you in your website planning.