Search engine optimisation is the act of making your website appear higher in search engine results.  Each major search engine has a unique way of determining the importance of your website.

Google ranking parameters

We know that Google uses over 200 parameters to determine search engine results pages (SERPS – see ).  However, results are a blend of these parameters  – some have more weighting than others.  You have to know which have the greater effect.  We hope the diagram above will help you understand some of the parameters which can affect your SERPs.

The procedure of website optimisation ensures that your website has all of the necessary ranking criteria to appeal to the individual search engines needs.

Search Engine Optimisation methodology

Team Discovery are dedicated in ensuring you achieve higher rankings in the major search engines and directories on the internet through consultation, research, optimisation, submissions and social media.

We will deliver the following results:-

  • Organically-obtained Search Engine Listings
  • Complete Web Site Optimisation
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings
  • More Traffic Driven to Your Site
  • Directory / Search Engine Submissions

We are continuously researching and implementing optimisation techniques.

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