It’s important is to be present on Social Media in order to get your business noticed. Sometimes it may be unclear how you can convert Social Media into sales, but one of the great features of a strong online presence is that it brings traffic to your website. And more traffic means more sales.

On this post we will explore the great features of Pinterest to bring traffic to your website.

One of the trendiest Social Platforms nowadays is Pinterest which can bring a lot of traffic to your website. It’s  a recent network created in 2010 by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp, and Ben Silbermann and counts with more 70 million users which 68.2% are women, but Pinterest isn’t just for women.

But the great fact about Pinterest is that generates more traffic than Linkedin, Google + and Youtube combined together. That´s a good reason for your business to start using  Pinterest.

  1. Have your website verified

Verify your website, this way you can assure that your profile appears higher on profile researches.

  1. Install the Pin it button

By installing the Pin in button you not only make it easier for users to pin your content but also you increase your chances that they do it.

  1. Create a blog board

Got a blog? Make sure you upload your cover images to Pinterest, this is a good way to make sure you promote your blog to your followers on Pinterest.

  1. Add links to the images
  1. Update your boards

Make sure your boards are constantly updated and with fresh content. Your followers will get a notification that you’ve updated a board and will also increase the quantity of the information shared.

  1. Share useful content

Don’t just share only your own content. You can always have boards with something that is related to your business. Your boards will come up on the searches more often therefore your company´s name will gain.

  1. Engage with followers

Get out of your platform, comment on other boards, pin other users, and follow your followers. Engagement is very important on Pinterest

  1. Work your keywords for board titles and descriptions
  1. Pin at best times

Try to pin when more people are connected on Pinterest, they will then see your notification and you will get more chances for interaction.

  1. Create a Secret Board

Creating a secret board can give you  an option to curate content that you might want to publish later. Only you and the people you want will be able to get access to this board. When you’re browsing through the web and you see something that might be interesting to post just save it on the secrete board and post it later.

  1. Put hashtags

Add a few hashtags on the description of your pictures.

  1. Display your products

Try to see Pinterest as a window display, it´s a great platform to showcase your services or products, no matter what sort they are. Don’t forget to add direct links to the products.

  1. Play by the book

Play it fair, so remember to always give credit to the sources and mention other pinners and followers when relevant. As always use common sense. You can know more of what Pinterest wants from their platform on Pinterest´s rules and good practises.

  1. Monitor your Pinterest Analytics

You can monitor your stats and get your conclusions with Pinterest Analytics.

  1. Refresh your boards cover images

Changing regularly the cover images on your board will keep your front page fresh and people will sense you´re updating it.

Final thoughts

Pinterest has been growing  steadily and is becoming a very useful source of knowledge, especially when that knowledge has a strong visual impact like Infographics. Pinterest can become a window display for business´s products, it´s a great platform to expose products and businesses should start to pay more attention to it.

If you want to know more about bringing traffic  to your website with Pinterest, talk to Team Discovery.