How We Use Press Releases Sites to Improve Ranking Signal

Press Releases For SEO: How We Use It

For Gaining Backlinks

Team Discovery aims to use press release submission for a client to get a quality link back to their website. A link from a press release to your site helps to increase your sites authority and can help your website rank better in Google for a targeted keyword phrase. Dofollow links back to your site from other sites also help pass PageRank.

2 ways we will use a press release to promote your site:

A.) New Product/Service/Feature Launch. If a client website has a new product or service, Team Discovery can write a release and link directly to that page.

Ex.: An air ambulance company has added “flight nurses” to its list of services. We create a unique page on the client’s company website that talks about the service, with pictures and maybe a video showing how they started and operate.

We then write a release and distribute it manually to each of free press release sites, including a link to the new flight nurse page. This process usually improves that page’s visibility in Google and helps the air ambulance company outrank its competitors for keyword terms related to “flight nurses” in his local market.

B.) Generic Company News. If the news is not tied to a product or service, we’ll point links back to the home page of the client’s website.

Ex.: An air ambulance company  is launching a new website with improvements and customized features. Since the news is generic and not talking about any product or service, we’ll point the links back to the company’s home page.

Getting dofollow links from a variety of different domains helps the client’s website gradually get stronger.

Press Release To Rank In Google?

You might be able to rank a press release in Google for a non-competitive term, but generally, we do not expect it nor expect to receive any referral traffic. We consider it a bonus if these things happen.

If you wish is to get your press release to rank, then you might want to check out a paid submission service such as PRWeb or PRBuzz but reviews have been mixed on their effectiveness.

Got Your Press Release Indexed In Google?

Just because your release was published then it got get indexed right away by Google. Press releases get indexed within a week or so, but some do take much longer.

You can check to see if your press release is indexed by going to Google and in the search box, enter info:URL. Replace “URL” with the full url of your release, including http://. Don’t put a space between “info:” and “URL”

If the “Sorry, no information is available for the URL…” message appears,  then it is not yet indexed by Google. Until Google becomes aware of the new web page and adds it to the index, it is meaningless.

Press Release Got Indexed

PR indexed sample pic

This press release is indexed by Google as shown by the live snippet highlighted by the red box. Since Google has crawled this web page, the dofollow link in the release is helping boost the authority of the page it is pointing to, helping it to rank a bit better in Google.

How Do We get Your Press Release Indexed?

Here are the steps Team Discovery  takes to help speed along Google’s indexing of the press release:

  • Submit the URL to pinging services
  • Tweet and retweets
  • Shares on Facebook.
  • Website link (yours)
  • Or Wait. Most links will eventually get indexed.

Team Discovery puts a lot into Search Engine Optimisation and using press releases provides quality content for Google and others to index.