Email scam from Royal Mail

There is an email circulating that looks as though it is from the Post Office offering you a tax rebate. Its asks you to download a form in order to receive your money. Don’t do it!  The file may harm your computer and if you disclose personal details to these scammers you run the risk of identity fraud! Other Royal mail fraudulent email information can be found in this link….

Assassin scam email

The email circulating claims to be from a sympathetic assassin who thinks that the recipient of the email has wrongly had a contract taken out against them.The fraudster offers to forgo his job in return for a large amount of money; he will then provide proof of who has taken out the ‘hit’ in return for even more cash. In the email the recipient is warned not to contact police or tell friends or family. These types of scam emails are generally sent to a large number of people within a targeted group in the hope that one or more will respond and be drawn further into the scam.

Reporting scam email

Please report scam emails to Action Fraud – this enables intelligence to be gathered and preventative action taken….

Keeping safe online

There is lots of useful advice about keeping safe online at