Data Protection/Cyber Security is a mindset and here are the 10 actions points to consider:

  1. Check if you need to register for DPA – – have you renewed if is previously registered
  2. Consent is at the heart of GDPR (and PECR) – check your consents in every aspect of your business – do you need to update and ask for more consent – see guidelines at and
  3. Take the Cyber Essentials Questionnaire and get registered if you are a small business –
  4. Have you a reliable backup process and have you tested it – is it disconnected from a live system after backup (so it can’t be encrypted in you get encrypting malware)
  5. Register on to check if your email address has been hacked and placed on hacker sites – which can be used for identity fraud (see BLOG article – check credit agency records to ensure there are no fraudulent accounts in your name as a result
  6. Have you changed your passwords recently – do you have a safe method to remember them?
  7. Have you a robust anti-virus product installed on all your devices (Windows, MAC, Android) – see for reports on major AV suppliers – do you have a safe method to block malware infected emails before they reach the desktop (cloud based email scanning)?
  8. Have you latest software updates on all your devices – have you upgraded to Windows 10 if you are a windows user (Windows 7 is no longer updated)
  9. Have you coached yourself/staff on what to look for in malware infected emails and websites – consider adopting into your everyday online life
  10. Are you Using Microsoft Office Trust Centre to put attachments into protected mode before opening (which can allow malware to execute).

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