35m Getty Images free to use in blogs, tweets, and in tumblr

Team discovery Ltd uses images from many sources as part of its Digital Media Content strategy.  We carefully observes the copyright of images which are used on our client's websites and buy at the necessary fees where necessary (usually ISTOCKphoto…

H1 headings on websites

Boldened Headings And Subheadings Can Get You A Google PenaltyYou might be tempted to but boldening your H1 heading as well as your H2, H3, H4, and other subheadings will get you a Google penalty.As headings must contain your target…
FSB report on Cyber security and fraud

Cyber security and fraud FSB report – The impact on small businesses

The Federation of Small business has launched a comprehensive report on Cyber security and fraud: The impact on small businesses.It is well worth a read. You can download the report at this link -