One of my favourite places for inspiration on the internet is For many reasons, the design of their website is impeccable, the speakers they get are fascinating and the community of bloggers they have is enticing.

Moreover TED gives me plenty of ideas for my business in website design.

This video from David Carson on grunge graphic design is great. He talks about how the power of imagery and text helps to transform the thing that you are looking at.

It is changing the way websites are being made. If you look at my earlier websites you will see there is a large emphasis on text. It was hard to get a picture online to fit properly and to get a good loading speed. Now we can start to shift our websites to look beautiful with pictures describing what we are.

It is important to remember the balance of simplicity. A quote that always sticks in my mind when I design websites for clients: Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. A website should really come across as sophisticated. It should be planned and should be what the company’s clients will enjoy.

In summary, you should always make your website as simple as possible and combine this with at least a video, a picture and text. This will engage potential customers and give a great look and feel. Give Team Discovery a call if we can help with your website design.