My clients often ask me to help them acquire a large following of people for their social media marketing campaign. I want to use this blog post to explain why this concept does not work to acquire clients as well as people think it will.

Having a large follow rate, or large group of connections is becoming increasingly obsolete, sometimes even detrimental. The large follow rate has been replaced with an importance on engagement. Social media consumers want an environment that nurtures the exchange of ideas. You need to develop a social media strategy that will drive interaction and encourage communication with others.

You should begin with an intention to get bigger i.e. start small and focused. Consistently provide your audience with powerful messages about your field. Try to gain interaction from key influencers in your field. Having A-list celebrity endorsement has a positive affect for corporations, having respected specialists in your field say they ‘trust you and your product’ has a strong affect in the SME world.

I have seen companies like who promise 1,000 twitter followers instantly for £9.99. The followers you receive will not interact with any of your posts. Overall it has very few benefits.

In conclusion follower acquisition is really not important. Your social media strategy will be more successful if you focus on good quality content so your potential customers and clients will engage with you.

How is your Social Media Marketing going? Would you suggest anything different?

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